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    Yunnan Province, provincial administrative unit China, located in the southwest border Chinese, capital of Kunming. Yunnan is referred to as "dian" or "cloud", is one of the important birthplace of human civilization. It lived about 1700000 years ago in Yunnan Yuanmou people, is as of 2013 so far discovered the earliest human China and asia.

    During the Warring States period, here is the habitat of the Dian tribe. Yunnan "south of the clouds", "colorful Yunnan" is another way of saying "Yunling named because is located in the South". Area of 390000 square kilometers, accounted for 4.11% of the area, in the whole nation each provincial administrative region area ranked eighth. The total population of 45960000 (2010), the country's total population of 3.35%, the population ranked twelfth. Under the jurisdiction of 8 city, 8 national minority autonomous prefecture.

    Yunnan province and neighboring provinces are Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet, sichuan. Yunnan 3 is a neighboring Burma, Laos and vietnam. Tropic of cancer from the southern part of the province and across the.

    The main attractions: the ancient city of Dali, Heshun, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dianchi lake, Longhu, ISO, Fuxian Lake etc..

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