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    Location: Home > COMPANY > Kangmei dairyKangmei dairy

      Shangri-la Kangmei Dairy Products Co., Ltd, located in Shangri-la county which is a famous highland scenic spot around the world for it’s pure snow mountain and natural meadow, where our raw material originates from.

      In 2005, as the biggest Tibetan area dairy products development project in Yunnan province, we are founded. We have cost more than 26 million Yuan to build a developed production line with capability to manufacture 5-8 metric ton acid casein per day.

      With particularly favorable natural conditions and a significant progress of public transportation in Shangri-la, Based on the pure natural meadow of frigid plateau region and a long history of stock farming endowed us a unique and incomparable advantage in the supply and the transportation of raw materials. Along with our advanced processing equipment and a very strict set of criteria for quality control. All these facts have guaranteed our products are origin from purely natural raw materials, and embedded a superior quality.

      As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, we always persists in the balance of economic benefit and social benefit, at the time of creating income of company we have made contribute to the local employment rate, lead the local farmer change from simple task to multi-dimensional, industrialization, commercialization work.

      Today, our acid casein already been widely used in the industry of food additive, casein glue, latex, paper manufacturing, leather, plastic, paint, electrochemistry, textile etc. which has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, HALAL certification, and national export food production company registration certificate. Our customers now are located in more than 20 cities in China and major city of United States, Germany, Poland, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tai Wan etc.

      We have been looking forward to build a business with friend from all over the world all the time, and we believe our services and products can guarantee the satisfaction of you.

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